Owner Doused Him In Chemicals For Being A Useless Pit Bull & Kicked Him Out

No animal should ever have to endure pain, especially when it is done intentionally. We can just hope and pray that these animals are found in time, medically treated and their abusers are brought to justice. A precious Pit Bull was wandering all by himself on a busy county road. A woman driving down the road saw him and stopped immediately.

The woman called a local rescue group and pleaded with them to help the injured dog. He needed an emergency rescue and there was no time to spare. The rescuers came and the poor dog was taken to the vet clinic straight away. They couldn’t even imagine how much pain he must have been in.

Source: STRAY PAWS, Justice’s Story

The veterinarian suspected that his wounds were due to a chemical burn. Someone had hurt this dog deliberately! Who could be so callous? A shelter volunteer named Chris Browder said, “The chemical smell of the dog is something you notice. And, you just wonder how long had he been on his own.”

Source: STRAY PAWS, Justice’s Story

The volunteers, who fell in love with the dog immediately, named him Justice because that is what they hope to be able to achieve for him. “Keep prayers going for Justice that we can get him healed and we can find the person who knows something,” Browder said. The vet staff is also head over heels for the sweet dog.

Source: STRAY PAWS, Justice’s Story

While Justice is safe now and loved, he faces so many challenges. He has a difficult time eating and he’s battling multiple infections. Amazingly, though, he never loses hope. It seems this dog not only wants to live but NEEDS to live.

Source: STRAY PAWS, Justice’s Story

The brave dog’s health improves each and every day. Even though he’s been through so much, he loves people. He is extremely friendly and affectionate. While he’s being medically treated, adoption applications for this handsome boy come pouring in. The rescue group wants to make sure his future owner can help him through his medical journey as it will be ongoing.

Source: STRAY PAWS, Justice’s Story

Then a woman steps forward who is the perfect fit. Justice meets the kind woman and they hit it off immediately. It’s as if it was meant to be! His mom is happy to report that Justice is settled into his new home. He LOVES to go into the sprinklers and play. His new big backyard is his favorite place to be!

Source: STRAY PAWS, Justice’s Story

This dog’s path to recovery is surely paved with miracles. Don’t you agree? To see Justice’s rescue and the brave pup thriving in his new home, check out the video below. Thank you to all of Justice’s fans and heroes and of course to his new mom!

Courtesy of Shelbyville Animal ShelterDeb Brewer, and STRAY PAWS

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