Officers Break Window To Rescue Dog Barking For Help Inside Sweltering Car


Every year, dog owners are warned not to leave their pets alone in hot vehicles. And every year, pet owners continue to make this irresponsible, and oftentimes deadly, mistake.

When police were called in to deal with this familiar scene in Clearwater, Florida, officers were horrified to find a dog barking and howling for help inside a locked car on a hot summer day. Even so, the dog’s owners — who didn’t even bother cracking a window or leaving their pet any water — apparently thought it was fine to put their dog in this life-threatening situation while they spent the day at the beach.

Photo: Facebook/Clearwater Police Department

“It’s safe to say the temperature inside the vehicle while the dog was still in it was well over 100 degrees,” police wrote a Facebook page detailing this frustrating incident. Officers had to break a window to rescue the pup, who gratefully lapped up water from a kindly officer’s bottle. Officers also dabbed the dog with water in an effort to help him or her cool down.

Photo: Facebook/Clearwater Police Department

The case has also been referred to the local prosecutor’s office, although its currently unclear whether or not charges will be filed. But the Internet remained incensed by the possibility that this innocent pup could possibly be returned to his or her owner.

“Dear POS who did this:” one person wrote in response to officers’ update. “Do u really think this was a FUN activity for your dog?? Was this bonding with him? He could have died. This is FLORIDA. It’s extremely hot right now and is only going to get hotter. Leave your pets at home. Better yet. DONT GET A PET. YOU DONT DESERVE THEIR UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.”

“Don’t give the dog back to the owners,” another person pleaded. “They don’t know how to take care of a dog. Inexcusable horrible for the dog. Hopefully a wonderful family will adopt him or her.” Another person congratulated officers for their rescue, and also suggested that officers adopt this sweet pup themselves. “Maybe a new police mascot?” she wrote.

Regardless, we’re so happy that these officers were able to save this sweet dog, who is clearly grateful to the men who saved its life. And please, please, please remember to never to leave your pets alone inside the car!

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